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Let justice be done, though the heavens fall. 

Genre(s) : Sci-fi / Action / Mecha
Sub-genre(s) : Romance / Drama
Age Rating : 14+ (Slight depiction of murder and assassination)
Rating : 10/10 (Highly Recommended)

 Aldnoah.Zero is one of those anime that appear once in many years. Why this is so, is because this anime, though having just Sci-fi, Action and Mecha in the main genre and also Romance Drama in sub, this anime is not limited to these genres and sub-genres. It is further able to link up Fantasy, Thriller and other genres (even Blood and Gore to some extent). Only sometimes do we see such strange and unique anime where we are able to identify multiple genres that are mixed up in a very nice manner without harming the fundamentals and the framework of the script.

Trying to explain the story without spoiling anything for the readers, all we can say is that this is a story of a young boy named Kaizuka Inaho (or Inaho Kaizuka) who lives in a world being attacked by Martians (called Versians) who have the power to manipulate a strange power source called Aldnoah, which they use to power their machines (robots) called Kataphrakts. The Earthlings also have Kataphrakts, only they do not have a power source of an equal level. So they Versians have a big advantage.

Yet as usual, everyone wants a protagonist that is special. Though personally, I do not like such a protagonist that has some sort of unique advantage over others (like turning into a Titan perhaps?). And in this anime, the protagonist has a disadvantage - he uses the weakest possible frame, which is a Training Kataphrakt. Yet, with the use of his brain, he is able to frame a strategy that leads them to victory rather easily throughout the season. Oh yeah, and it can be said that he falls in love with a girl somewhere along the way (not like we care much, because... okay, I'll stop). 

Conclusion : Well put season, nice climax, terrific battle scenes and ends without a cliffhanger - yet leaves a lot of hope to people. Fortunately, we do have a sequel, so cheer up!

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