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Torrent Division

The Torrent Division's job is to find and test anime torrents. By testing, we mean to download and check if the number of seeds and peers allow for proper downloading of the anime and also to test the quality of anime.

The division will be one of the major divisions of the blog, headed by Yash Khanijo.



Management Division,
Anime Cabin)

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Hi I would like to enter the torrent division
Well, hey there Kanishka!

I am one of the four owners of the blog, and the head of the Management Division. Although I apologize for the incredibly late response given, I don't think you want to hear that.

We are running short on hands, and if you are willing to work for the blog and the betterment of the anime societies out there, we'd be happy to have you here. I can inform you of what you will have to do once I get a response from your side.

Glad I Could Be Of Help and sorry for the late response from me also
Please tell me what i have to do and i will start right away
Sure, I will. Although some things cannot be discussed over here in the comments. Can you ping me on Google Plus? I added you to one of my circles.

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