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Anime Music Video Developers

If you can make AMVs, then we do have an AMV department for those with skills who want better reach. The AMV section is one of the most advanced section in the entire blog, so you need to have some minimal amount of hobbyist skills to be a part of it.

Requirements -

  • Hands-on knowledge of some video-editing software (iMovie, Vegas Pro, Premiere Pro, etc.)
  • Good sense of music!
  • At least one good AMV already on YouTube or some other video hosting website.

If you can manage the above, then press that message icon on the right hand side of the screen and drop us a message in this format -

[AMV Division]
[Links and more info]

And that's it. We will review your email and will decide if to make you a part of our family or not. The division head is Partha Adhikari.



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