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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

Upon researching the concept of demons, I believe that among all life, the humans are the closest thing to it.

Genre(s) : Sci-fi / Action / Horror
Sub-genre(s) : Psychological / Drama
Age Rating : 15+
Rating : 10/10 (Highly Recommended)

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu a.k.a. Parasite is definitely one of those anime that you want in your plan to watch list. The first few episodes sorta grossed me out, frankly, but once I was able to convince myself to watch more, the ball kept rolling and rolling, until the point the anime finally ended. It was a bit sad, though we are still expecting a second season.

Now as for the review the story revolves around a teenager name Izumi Shinichi who get's attacked by a worm like alien at night. Just like all the other worms in the story, the entire purpose of this one was to invade the human brain and take absolute control over it. What happens? We'd rather not disclose, because we are writing a review here and not a spoiler.

Moving on to the technical division of the review, I believe what needs to be put in the spotlight is the animation. The anime has splendid animation that just deserves a salute. Brilliant job by Madhouse, VAP, Sentai FilmworksL, and Nippon Television Network Corporation with the animation. The voice actors furthermore have also done a great job in bringing out the best of this story. With the combination of picture and sound, all that was left was the plot - and I do not believe there was anything in the plot that would disappoint us, except for the fact that there just wasn't enough of it in this season. Hoping that the second season comes out soon, I'd end this review here and leave it up to you to find out and tell us how you liked the anime. Oh, and this review too, because we still need a lot of help to attain the heights of perfection!

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