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Aldnoah.Zero Season 2

Let justice be done, though the heavens fall. 

Genre(s) : Sci-fi / Action / Mecha
Sub-genre(s) : Romance / Drama
Age Rating : 14+ (Slight depiction of murder and assassination)
Rating : 8/10 (Recommended)

 Aldnoah.Zero Season 2, the much awaited second season of Aldnoah.Zero falls nowhere below than what people were expecting - except for the climax. Now of course, when you watch an anime, you want the protagonist and the antagonist to be on-par in terms of power - which they weren't really, in the first season. This season, both of them, with the antagonist being Slaine Troyard and the protagonist being Inaho Kaizuka, were nearly equal in terms of power.

However overpowering the rest of the world, these both were not everything there is about the anime. The anime had a lot of other characters, a lot of strategy involved, and most of all, it displays the true nature of politics, basically of the old times. The way everything has been depicted in the anime, I believe, despite the fact that all the concepts involved were far too otherworldly, this anime might have been the biggest Slice of Life anime for how closely it closely it imitates the real world's concepts, values, ideals and systems.

It isn't everyday that an anime which can combine the concepts of politics into a love story, which seems to be set in an extremely different and fantasy like situation, is aired. The story is so beautifully put, yet it pains the heart at points. But keeping aside all the melodrama, there wasn't much action in the anime to boast about. It was decent, but it was more about a guy fantasizing about a girl, and another guy doing the same. It wouldn't be wrong to say that this anime almost took a harem turn, only to increase the negative rating it could receive. The music of the anime was by Sawano Hiroyuki, which is my personal favorite composer, who has also given music for the recently released Anime title Owari no Seraph / Seraph of the End. The animation was by A-1 pictures, who seemed to have been really busy with all the projects that it redirected most of its resources onto this project, leaving other anime (like Denpa Kyoushi) with less budget to actually become a good anime.

Conclusion : The anime has a fair amount of romance, lots of melodrama, a somewhat happy-ending, all put together in a Science Fiction setting. The animation is what is the biggest plus pointer about the anime, followed by the music, but the letdown to most people is the climax, which might have been the most perfect depiction of politics that we have seen in an anime.

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Anonymous said... 20 July 2015 at 10:37
I've read a few of your "reviews" on you blog. Your reviews aren't really reviews, you're just giving a summary of each anime you talk about. Aldnoah. Zero was a terrible anime in terms of developing a story based on warfare and economics not to mention terrible character development....
Well, hello Genn.

I would begin with stating the first thing about the aim of this blog - to provide "spoiler free" reviews, which help people decide whether to spend time on an anime or not.
Now, when you try to keep your article out of the spoiler-zone, the only thing that you can do is to talk about everything apart from the actual plot of the anime. I could, for sure, state the fact that what happened at the end was disappointing enough for me to throw my laptop out my balcony, annoyed by the number of hours I wasted on the anime itself, but again - when I try to wipe my eyes and see it clearly, I find that there was more to it than the end itself.

Saying that the anime was a failed attempt at warfare and economics based stories and furthermore, terrible in terms of character development, is nothing less than an exaggeration, and nothing more than a display of exasperation.

Finally, I thank thee for actually reading our "reviews", and giving your own opinion about them as well. We will try to give a little more detailed explanation from here on, to not disappoint you, or perhaps anybody else who comes along.


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