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Angel Beats!

Even if we forget the faces of our friends, we will never forget the bonds that were carved into our souls... 

Genre(s) : Action / Comedy / Drama
Sub-genre(s) : School / Supernatural
Age Rating : 13+
Rating : 7/10
Episodes : 13 (24 minutes each)

An anime hailed to be one of the best but it's a bit overrated. The first few episodes have done an excellent job to introduce the characters and the series shows potential and looks promising. The viewers are briefed about afterlife and how did the characters arrive in that world. I personally watched it thinking it was a romance comedy anime but was wrong - utterly.

Given the low number of episodes, its a given that the plot would be rushed and sometimes attempt would be made to put too much plot in one episode which makes the episode somewhat confusing. Due to the rushing there was no room for development for both the story and the characters.

The animation works were stunning. The character designs were perfect and so were their movements. The animation was crisp and fluid. The few battle scenes were also nicely animated. The OP and OST's used were excellent and quite memorable. The voice actors have done a splendid job and deserve a thumbs up, because they have brought out the real thing that this romance comedy anime needed. They brought life to it!

Many people complain that they didn't get into the feel with this anime because they weren't attached to the characters but that's all on an individual scale. Personally i got attached to the characters which depicted some past. But if the story would have stretched into a few more episodes, the viewers would have simply no reason to complain and would be quite content with the show.

The plot revolves around the main protagonist Otonashi who awakens to find himself dead. A rifle-toting girl called Yuri explains to him that he is in afterlife and Otonashi realizes that he only remembers his name. The girl explains that they are in war with a girl named Tenshi but Otonashi refuses to believe that Tenshi is evil and attempts to speak with her, but the meeting doesn't go as he intended. He then decides to join Yuri in the battle but oddly finds himself getting attracted to Tenshi and while at it he also unravels the mysteries of after-life

Verdict : For all the otaku's out there who want to experience a fun, sad and enjoyable anime, this one's for you.

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