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It doesn't matter how many relations we seem to have. We're all alone....                    ~ Mei Misaki 

Genre(s) : Mystery / Horror / School
Sub-genre(s) : Thriller
Age Rating : 17+(Too much blood)
Rating : 8/10 & 10/10 (Gore and Horror Lovers)
Episodes : 12

Feel that you can handle some extremely gory scenes with a beautiful storyline? Well then this anime is definitely what you are looking for. This series takes the viewers for a ride and makes sure that we get the chills and if you are unable to handle it, you might end up with something on your carpet, if you know what I mean.

The animators have done a fantastic job with this anime and the animation especially the gory scenes were awesome and deserve a thumbs up. All the characters were also unique and each have a different role and contribution to the plot. The horror element was also properly implied by the use of brilliant sound-works and the voice actors have also done a tremendous effort to live up to the roles of their characters.

The direction was also good and the viewer gets engrossed in the story with each episode. For people with heart problems, don't watch this because you might not be afraid of the anime but if something happens around you, you might just go on a long trip. That's the kind of anime it is but still the artwork is beautiful and the animators have made every scene with precision and every moment was perfect and never did it once occur to me that the animation was not fluid enough.

The series started of with a very mysterious aura and the viewers try to sort out the mystery themselves but in-between the show loses a bit of steam but towards the end, it again becomes interesting. The pace of the anime was somewhat slow and that might be annoying for some of the viewers out there.

The plot revolves around the main protagonist Kouichi Sakakibara who finds his new school to have a mysterious and frightening atmosphere. He meets a cute girl but then realizes none of his classmates are aware of that girl's presence and then he tries to solve the mystery.

Verdict : Of you are one of the gore fans out there and haven't watched this anime, it's a must watch. For the others if you are ready to watch some gory scenes and ready to deal with a mysterious but slow paced anime, you should watch this one. 

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