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Death Note

He who moves first always wins...                           ~ L

Genre(s) : Mystery / Thriller / Supernatural
Sub-genre(s) : Police / Psychological
Age Rating : 17+ (Too many deaths)
Rating : 10/10 (Highly Recommended)
Number of episodes : 37

Ever had the urge to have the power to kill someone just by writing his or her name, cause this series shows you all the ways to use this power. This anime is just way too awesome. It's groundbreaking and gripping tale will keep all the viewers on the edge of their seats right from the start to the very end. The storyline is unique and is one of the best anime I have ever come across so far.

Araki has done a marvelous job in directing the series and deserves a salute. The story is brilliant right from the start. The series is divided in two arcs, the first arc is quite magnificent while the other arc is somewhat of a let-down and the end is kind of abrupt and I personally feel that the anime could have been longer. But in-spite of this flaw Death Note manages to get a 10/10 because as I said, it's just way too awesome.

Light Yagami and L are one of the most intelligent characters I have ever come across in an anime and their fight will force you to root for one of them and the fans of Death Note have debates usually on the fact who was more awesome, Light or L.

The soundtracks used were very good and the voice-actors deserve a thumbs up and they have truly lived up to their characters. The OST's are remembered by everyone and most of the viewers get adicted to it and listen to it to revive their experience of this awesome anime. The artwork and animation of this series is perfect and the dark colors suit the anime. The characters and the scenery are all done amazingly well. There was not much to animate in this series but still the animators did an awesome job with all the little animations here and there and truly deserve a pat on the back.

The plot is quiet simple, a death note falls from the sky, a guy picks it up and starts killing criminals and then a police investigator tries to catch him and the battle begins between them both. A pretty simple plot but when you watch it you will know the true genius of this anime.

Verdict : All he viewers out there who are craving to watch an awesome anime, this one is a must watch.

Are you going to take my soul?

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