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Eden Of The East

In a time where the truth is all forgotten, what would you do?                                 ~ Saizo Ato

Genre(s) : Action / Comedy / Mystery / Drama
Sub-genre(s) : Romance / Sci-fi / Thriller
Age Rating : 17+ (Violence and Profanity)
Rating : 9/10 (Highly Recommended)

This anime series was one the most anticipated anime series of spring 2009 and it has pretty much lived up to the hype it had created. The plot is very interesting and this anime series is a must watch for all the otakus out there.

The story is the main driving force for this awesome series. The number of episodes of this series is 11 which is an odd number and feels less but it is compensated by the two movies which follow this series. The level of mystery and suspense hook the viewers and make them want to watch the next episode which shows the beauty of this anime.

The animators have done an excellent job with the animation and the character designs are very unique. The other members of the organization have all a different feel to them and are worth watching. The OP and OST's are also very nice and fits perfectly with the series. The voice actors deserve a thumbs up for the work they have done and have lived up to their roles.

This anime had actually surpassed my expectations with the unique character designs, awesome plot and it keeps you interested right through each of its 11 episodes.

The plot revolves around an incident called "Careless Monday" which was caused due to 10 missile strikes in Japna and was regarded as a terrorist plot. 3 months later a young woman was in United States of America on her graduation trip. When she was in the front of the white house she falls into trouble and is saved by one of her fellow countrymen whose appearance was a complete mystery. He was stark naked with a pistol in one hand and in the other hand a phone which was charged with 8,200,000,000 yen in digital cash.....

Verdict : For all the viewers out there who are looking for an anime with mystery element combined with comedy and romance, this series is the one you are looking for.

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