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Gintama - All You Need to Know

If you have time to think of a beautiful end, then live beautifully until the end.  ~Sakata Gintoki

Genre(s) : Action / Comedy / Shounen
Sub-genre(s) : Historical / Sci-fi / Parody
Airing Status : Currently Airing (7th Season)
Age Rating : 6+ (Universal)
Rating : 9/10 (Highly Recommended)

Season Details

  • Season 1

      Number of Episodes : 49 (1-49)
      Importance : Introduction of Lead Characters.
      Important Arc(s) : Umibozu Arc (beginning)

  • Season 2

      Number of Episodes : 50 (50-99)
      Importance : Most Famous Season
      Important Arc(s) : Benizakura Arc, Yagyu Arc

  • Season 3

      Number of Episodes : 51 (100-150)
      Importance : Introduction of new character - Tsukuyo.
      Important Arc : Ryugu-jo Arc, Shinsengumi Discord Arc, Yoshiwara Arc.

  • Season 4

      Number of Episodes : 51 (151-201)
      Importance : Character Development
      Important Arc : Jiraia Arc.

  • Season 5 (Gintama')

      Number of Episodes : 51 (201-252)
      Importance : Character Relationship Development & Certain Increase in Humor.
      Important Arc : Elizabeth Arc

  • Season 6 (Gintama': Enchousen)

      Number of Episodes : 13 (253-265)
      Importance : None.
      Important Arc : None.

  • Season 7 (Gintama°)

      Number of Episodes : Unknown (Ongoing)

Talking about Gintama...

Pachi-boy, you look stunning!

Gintama is not your everyday Shounen anime/manga in which you see a lead character always looking cool and pretending to be one of the serious people who does not give a darn about who is around him or who hates him, or whom he kills. Gintama is all about merging moral principles with the modern times. It shows how holding a grudge never brings happiness to anyone, but rather living with the times whilst fending off everything wrong that is going on - that is called life.

The story, despite revolving around three characters who do any odd job for a price, is actually just a story full of comedic remarks and parodies, which the fans of other anime might find either offensive or incredibly funny. Personally I find all the parodies incredibly funny and so did many other people who watched the anime, and there is no reason to not do so, because the parodies are funny.

Comedy in Gintama is not just your everyday humor... It is smart humor.

You don't say!?

Err, you could call it a pun or a meme. Whatever you do, you have to admit that most of the puns mentioned in Gintama are indeed smart which many people might not get. Many of them are based on the old Japanese history like the Tokugawa Shogunate related puns as well as the different dynasties who have ruled over Japan in the past. Unless you are Wikipedia, I doubt you will actually be able to make out all of the puns mentioned, since some of them are on Japanese voice actors, some of them based on the history, some of them on manga writers, some of them on the production houses, and so on! They never can run out of puns, because they do not have a specific target which they have to eliminate. For them, the whole world is like a joke, and that is something that you have to love about Gintama because the puns and jokes are really funny (the DVDs I bought had subtitles along with explanations for the puns used. Lucky!).

They have parodied almost all your mainstream anime!

Mugetsu, is that you? Ichigo?

I recently trolled a couple of people with the above image on Google+. Asking them which anime the following character belonged to did give me a great laugh for about 6 hours. The reason being almost all of the answers were not only wrong, but had some real attitude in them. Many of the comments seemed to be with the attitude like "Oh hey there, Captain Obvious!" and "Man, are you serious?". Of course, all of the answers were wrong, because they all thought this was Mugetsu from Bleach, which he unfortunately isn't. The character you see is Sakata Gintoki from Gintama' (Season 5).

Oh, they have also parodied Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, and many other.

Guys, we do have a plot in Gintama - and serious arcs too!

Sougo gives me the chills... *shivers*
You do not see images like the one on the right in all anime. The character does seem somewhat similar to how a character in a somewhat serious anime, with quite a bloody arc, would look like. The character here is Okita Sougo, possibly one of the most powerful characters in Gintama.

Despite being fictional, this was the one arc which was the most serious in the entire anime, and also funny all along. Never before had anyone seen Okita Sougo in such a serious mood, and when they did, they were all awestruck (yes, it does include me).

This isn't the only character who is the sort in the anime. The other characters are the rivals of Okita Sougo, with one being a member of the Mimawarigumi, an alternate police department, and one of the lead characters of the anime - Kagura.

All being the wild kind, this anime does give me the chills and the feels as if this is a part of another anime (Elfen Lied perhaps?) and also makes me feel that this anime is not what most people think it is... It is something way more than that! It has a plot, in fact it has many plots. It has multiple instances of ultimate power, it has a couple of deaths in it too, but not one of them has been serious enough to actually knock one off to start crying, because the anime's actual intention was to make everyone laugh no matter how serious the situation might be. Except for in a couple of instances, you probably won't be dripping no tears.

Talking about Women Empowerment...

Yuno Gasai mode - ON! ~Kagura
You would rather not mess with Kagura, Tsukuyo, Kyubei, Otae, or in fact, almost any of the female characters of the anime. In the latest episodes, we have also seen that if the women got the body of men, they'd be at least 10 times more useful than how useful the men were.

Of course, we do agree with the fact, despite it being a somewhat exaggeration. Still, in the anime, the girls are more powerful than most men, but the men of the anime still have the upper hand most of the time because... well, we do live in a somewhat patriarchal society with a tad of a sexist crowd, so I can understand Sorachi Hideaki sensei's motif.


Not only do we have incredibly funny remarks, intelligent puns, smart jokes, but we also have plot, serious arcs, and more than anything - moral values being taught. This anime can actually be recommended to anyone, because even youngsters can learn a lot from it (apart from lazing around doing nothing).

The anime deserves every inch of respect that it can get. The movie, Gintama: Kanketsu-hen - Yorozuya no Eien Nare is like one of those movies that can actually help you get into Gintama, because it is the most serious story you may have seen till date, and the best anime movie too.

Thanks for reading this long article, if you did. Do give a read to other of our articles. In case you require more details about the following anime, mention it in the comments. I, for one, am a true Gintama fan, so consider me nothing less than a Gintama database! We have more writers, and one of them is like an Ecchi / Harem database, one of them being a One Piece database, and one of them is a Bleach database. We may do another All you need to know post anytime soon, so do give us a visit once in a while and subscribe to our newsletter. 

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