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Guilty Crown

I shall sing the proof that you lived...                                   ~ Inori

Genre(s) : Action / Drama / Sci-fi
Sub-genre(s) : Sounen / Super-power 
Age Rating : 17+ (Violence and Profanity)
Rating : 8/10 (Recommended)

This anime is arguably one of the most beautiful anime of all time. The animators have given their all to the characters, backgrounds and special effects. It's soothing to the eyes. This series as boasted by many is a huge ripoff of series like death note and code geass but others claim it to be flashy, full of plot holes and unlikable characters. But personally i feel the show was quite enjoyable.

The anime has done experiments in the field of artwork and animation. If that wasn't enough the sound quality of this series is damn high. The opening and closing songs and all the OST's are quite enjoyable and worth listening to. Viewers will be tempted to download the songs and listen to it even after they complete the series. The voice actors have done an exceptional job for both the dub and sub series.

The characters is where the series fell short of providing pure entertainment. The main protagonist, Shu Ouma is considered to be a loser by most people but I felt that he lived quite upto his role. The character development for others is not quite up to the mark and hence the story wasn't quite developed. The story also brings questions to the minds of viewers which have been obviously left unanswered which was a let down.

The plot is set in 2039 Tokyo after the event of "Lost Christmas" which was known due to the outbreak of "Apocalypse Virus" and is now under control of GHQ. Ouma Shu mistakenly attains a new power to extract "voids" or tools that are manifestations of people's hearts. He is shy but both his life and personality change forever after meeting a girl called Yuzuriha Inori who is a member of the rebel group who want restoration of the self-government in Japan after ousting of the GHQ.

Verdict : Guilty crown is an awesome show and is a visual-treat for the viewers. It is fun to watch this series provided you are willing to ignore some plot-holes and under-developed characters. 

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