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Kaze no Stigma

I'll always be by your side, just like the wind that flows through your hair.

Genre(s) : Action / Magic / Romance
Sub-genre(s) : Fantasy / Supernatural
Age Rating : 10+ (Violence)
Rating : 8 (Recommended)
Status : Incomplete (and will be).

 Kaze no Stigma is the anime which has broken the hearts of infinite number of viewers all over the globe. The reason is that the mangaka, who created the story, died soon after finishing the first volume that has been animated. Hence, the story remains incomplete, which is really the worst feeling that exists in this world. The anime is actually really good, and I for one really liked it. Further, I was extremely surprised by how many negative comments it received on websites like MyAnimeList, which was almost saddening that they weren't really providing the viewers with an actual content based analysis that would really help them understand whether to watch the anime or not.

We did try to prepare one such spoiler-free review, which might actually help you develop your own opinion and decision. First of all, the anime revolves around a lead character Kazuma Yagami, who was unable to perform fire magic at equal strengths, like the rest of the family. In fact, he lost to a girl in a joust to decide the successor of the family to another girl, Kannagi Ayano. After the incident, he was banished from the family, for not having any skill in fire magic. The story begins with a flashback showing the same, which is followed by the return of Yagami in the future, as a magician holding a different elemental power in his hand. How powerful? The anime will tell you. What's his relation to that girl? It remained undetermined, sadly. And the rest of the questions can be solved when you actually watch the anime.

The point is that the animation of the anime falls nothing short of the expectations. The only letdown could be the music, but that is possibly it. The story was so beautiful that I have no idea how people are actually rating it lower than 5 sometimes. I guess the reason might be that the male lead is stronger than the female lead? Man, people do like the opposite setting now, don't they? Although I wouldn't bet on the same, and the powers of both can not be compared, since the anime had a somewhat abrupt end. Yet, in all the episodes that you could have seen of the anime, you will definitely not regret it because we have a strong male lead, who has a feeling of revenge, but also is smart enough and cool enough to know how to deal with situations.

Conclusion : There is nothing wrong with this anime. It is definitely worth a watch, and those who tell you it isn't probably have their own reasons. As long as they can explain it to you in a nice manner, then it is all well and good, because it will help you decide whether or not to watch the anime. But from our side, and my own personal side, this anime is worth your time, not only as a tribute to the author, but as an anime.

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