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Kekkai Sensen

Once you get used to the abnormalities, they become mundane.                                                           ~Leonardo Watch

Genre(s) : Sci-fi / Fantasy / Action
Sub-genre(s) : Gore
Age Rating : 14+ (Blood, gore and homicide)
Rating : 7/10 (Recommended)

 Kekkai Sensen, or Blood Blockade Battlefront seems to be a part of the new era of anime. By new era, what we basically mean is that these anime which are coming out nowadays, seem to have a far too abstract story that we have seen before. Earlier, the plot generally used to be based on the age-long superstitions, sayings, folklore and so on. Only sometimes did something extraordinary appear before us, and when it did - it was an instant success for the producers. Some of the concepts of old time that were different than what was usual can be GUNDAM, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc. It wasn't long before some of them joined the mainstream. But now there are new kinds of anime coming out. Anime with an abstract plot, really good animation, and a concept far beyond the time. Kekkai Sensen sure is fortunate to be a part of this new era, for there were many thing about this anime, which seem to have been a letdown for us.

The story seems to be based in America, much to our surprise. The city of New York is suddenly the point of a dimensional breach with the netherworld, thanks to which the people have been living with strange creatures that seem to have come from another dimension. It is impossible to imagine that people are actually living with a foreign entity, but actually - they did not have a choice. The cloud surrounding the city is impenetrable, defended by a tentacle monster. So nobody goes outside, and nobody comes inside. Not to further spoil the story, we will just mention that the story is about a young New Yorker, Leonardo Watch, a group of superhuman... err, humans who defend the city, and multiple villainous people who just want to watch the world burn (isn't that how antagonists are generally like?).

Kekkai Sensen scores real good on the charts if we talk about animation, although the music wasn't really up to the mark. Some scenes seem to be similar to how Shaft would have done them. TOHO Animation sure has done a good job making this anime, and similarities with Akame ga Kill! are actually visible. But being true to the viewers, the story does tend to become a bore many-a-times. With too many technical details involved, it makes the anime somewhat tough to interpret, causing a lot of havoc. Still, a decent plot and a good animation seem to have brought together an anime worth watching.

Conclusion : All in all, this anime is definitely worth a watch, considering that the animation is actually good and the character designs are a little different than the usual. It might just be me, but I think the voice of the voice actor of Zapp Renfro resembles Hijikata Toshiro from Gintama. Nevertheless, the anime is worth a watch according to us. Please leave your own views in the comments (the "Add Comment" button is there on the left hand side).

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