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Koi To Senkyo To Chocolate

I won’t disappear...

Genre (s) : Romance / Slice of Life
Sub-Genre (s) – Drama / Comedy
Age Rating : 13+ (Romance)
Rating : 8/10 (Recommended)

One of those anime which have been oddly underrated. At first glance it’s just your normal school life where the main characters are in one club and are having club issues. After the first episode which we can’t explain due to the spoiler issues for the readers, the creators rather deserve a Nazi salute for creating a unique interest and hooking us to the anime.

The anime is an adaptation from its visual novel and this anime has done it right in the terms of setting the pace in their storyline. The animation was also awesome unless you have some high hopes like the animation of Fate Zero. The voice actors have also done a good job and Kitahata has also done an excellent job of directing it from the slice of life at the start to the end where all the drama was released. The kicks of comedy were kept minimum but it was nicely used.
What keeps this anime interesting are the characters. All have a unique background and different motives. The interaction between this characters beautifully weave the plot for the anime. The violin instrumental during the emotional scenes deserves a thumbs up.

Well the plot is rather simple and easy to grasp until we reach the last part where it is a little complicated. It revolves around the main protagonist Yuuki Oojima who is a member of the Shokken, the food research club which was rather used by him to slack off but what will this slacker do when someone stands up in the student council elections to disband the FRC and other clubs to increase the funds for the other clubs? The only answer is to fight the elections himself! This crazy idea is fuelled by other members of FRC and other club members whose clubs are about to be disbanded. So the question is whether this group of slackers will win the political war?

Conclusion : For all those looking for a rom-com anime, this is one is for you. It will make you laugh while maintaining the serious note and the characters will force you to remember about the existence of such awesome anime.

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