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Kuroko No Basuke - All You Need to Know

It's not "want". We "will" become number one!!                ~ Taiga Kagami

Genre(s) : School / Shounen / Sports
Sub-genre(s) : Comedy
Age Rating : 10+
Rating : 9/10 (Highly Recommended)

 Season Details

  • Season 1

Number of episodes : 25
Importance : Introduction of characters

  • Season 2 

Number of episodes : 25
Importance : Entering the Winter Cup

  • Season 3

Number of episodes : 25
Importance : Winter Cup ends 

Talking about Kuroko No Basuke....

 Kuroko No Basuke is one of the most popular sports anime out there and the story has beautifully unfolded up until now. The creators have done an excellent job with the animations and Kuroki has done what he should to expertly draw out every ounce of details from the characters and making them play their roles to make this series so enjoyable. The characters have simple talks and there are many other developments which make this one hell of a show and the viewers get hooked on to it.

The story revolves around the MC Kuroko who was a part of the Generation of Miracles and was regarded as the legendary Phantom Sixth man. He is joined by Taiga Kagami who is more of a muscle head and wants to challenge the Generation of Miracles. The Generation of Miracles are split up in high school and will meet up in winter cup to play against each other. Kuroko and Kagami make a pact to defeat the generation of miracles and thus begins their battle of Light (Kagami) and Shadow (Kuroko).

  All the MC's have their own specific color....  

The Generation Of Miracles and Kagami have all been given a different color to represent which is pretty neat and makes it much more appealing. Some are even compared to the wild. The characters becomes the reason for you to watch the show. The suspense build up for the Generation of miracles lives up to its hype and the Basketball played is simply marvelous. For non-basketball player viewers, beware this anime will make you try basketball shots and moves......

The humor is present all the time....

The simple talks between the players and in between important games will make you go out of breath with laughter. Kuroko's plainness makes him sort of invisible to others and that is used nicely to create humor even in too tense atmosphere which is quite unexpected and everyone just goes into shock like in the pic right above..... I believe the expression itself is enough to understand.

The Viewers will love the Basketball played....

The basketball played in the series seems realistic and does not have any drawbacks. All the moves and plays shown have been deeply thought and the team-play resembles to that of any NBA tournament. The players give their all and this series strictly follows one motto ~ Train to succeed. The Generation of Miracles are shown on another level as if they are not human and their play of basketball is quite unique and different from each other. They all have their own special moves and give the impression of being unbeatable in the game.

If normal basketball wasn't enough..... we are treated with ~ ZONE ~

Cause normal basketball was too mainstream....

 Zone is what you call the super-saiyan mode of the basketball players. It's the much needed power-up for any player and only the Generation of Miracles have access to it and only Kagami is the exception cause even he can enter the mode. The gif just shows a part of the zone battle between Kagami and one of the member of Generation Of Miracles, Aomine Daiki.

Kuroko's moves are considered to be parodies....

 This is one of the fast passes of Kuroko which clearly astonishes one of the Generation of Miracle member. but the viewer is left to wonder from where have they seen the stance of Kuroko.....
 Here again we see the typical dbz style, except for the fact here we have ball being passed instead of a ki blast.....the blast would have been awesome by the way....

This clearly qualifies to be a kame-hame-ha which was done after a brief Bleach stance. But is such thing possible in the human realm? The answer is no but after-all this is an anime series.....being normal would just be too mainstream. 

Seirin is not the only important team....

Other basketball games have also been given importance We get to watch the Generation Of Miracles play each other as well. Talk about being generous to the viewers. We get to analyse all the players and give our own judgement. The viewers are too engrossed to even skip the episode of the matches not played by Seirin because the match seems so important and the show engrosses the viewer so much that it feels like we are there at the stadium cheering for the players we root for.


This anime clearly shows us what a sport's series should be like. There is almost everything inside this anime. This franchise just makes basketball a battlefield where the players use the ball as their weapon. The anime is clearly long ride with over 70 episodes and OVA and till the end it makes the viewer keen to know who the winner of the winter cup will be. The people who have read it can get to know more about the Generation Of Miracles by watching this series a the manga was pretty rushed and the characters were not explained properly. There is a sequel manga after the third season which also looks pretty promising. 

So all the sports lovers, this one is dedicated for you and for viewers looking out for some awesome tense moments this one is highly recommended for you.

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