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Log Horizon

Recklessness is the way of the young and tolerance is the beauty of adulthood.  ~Nyanta

Genre(s) : Action / Adventure / Game
Sub-genre(s) : Fantasy / Magic / Shounen
Age Rating : 13+
Rating : 9/10 (Highly Recommended)

When the anime started off it seemed to be a version of Sword Art Online but rather it turned to be considered as one of the hidden gems of anime shows. The main force of this anime is the main character who is a badass who doen't need to constantly power up and overpower his enemies to beat them. He simply uses his brains and controls the actions in the battlefield.

The animation was not that much of a standout, which doesn't mean that its bad. Its quite good. The character designs were great especially of the MC. The OP was awesome and the OST's were much better. They set the mood and some scenes were simply made epic by using the soundtrack which is sort of a rare thing to see. The ending song is the best and viewers become unable to skip the song. The voice-actors have also done a splendid job. Overall the sound quality of this series deserves the much needed Nazi salute.

The story is much better than SAO and has been nicely placed. The characters have been assigned unique roles and are very interesting to watch. The viewers get hooked onto this anime real quick because of them. The biggest achievement of this series is that they were able to build a whole new world and that's what makes it different from a normal Shounen show. The show also has many comedy scenes which are used nicely and not too often. It's present when it is required and boosts the experience of the show for the viewers.

The part where this series fail is in explaining some important details as to what is happening in the real world while the characters are in the game. And then it has many intense heavy dialogues every now and then which is liked by some whereas some people don't like it. I personally loved it but it all depends on the natural taste of the viewer.

The plot revolves around the main protagonist Shiroe who seems like a socially awkward gamer. The story is set in the game of Elder Tale where thirty thousand people have been stuck in that world as they were logged on during the time of update. Shiroe decides to team up and get ready to face the challenges that lies ahead of him..

Verdict : If you are looking for a heavy dialogue anime which has a dark theme and some good comedy used nicely and in a good measure, this one is a must watch.

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