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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!

When a person loses their sense of belonging, they want someone else to hand it back to them on a platter.  ~Hikigaya Hachiman

Genre(s) : Romance / Drama / Comedy
Age-rating : 13+ (Philosophical dialogues)
Rating : 8/10 (Highly Recommended)

Quite surprisingly for us, the second season of Yahari ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru, better known as Zoku, seems to have taken a romantic turn for real! Not that we dislike it, but can't say we like it too. The primary thing about the entire anime series that seemed to have impressed so many people, or rather, the main thing about the plot which brought the actual aura to the anime, would be the humorous plot. Of course, people were trying to ship whom they wanted to ship, for they just read the start of the English title "My Teen Romantic Comedy". Of course, who even cares about what is "SNAFU" anyways? Sad story, although seems like Hikigaya is in a pinch this time around.

If you cannot see your beloved protagonist cry, this anime is about to tear your heart out with the most ridiculous face one can make when they cry. Sorry for the spoiler, only we did not spoil anything - we just told you that he is going to cry at some point in the anime. Nope, it is not then, or even then if that's what you think is going to happen. Nope, not there either. Apparently, whenever it happens, you may actually find yourself laughing, although I personally felt a bit sorry for the poor soul, it also disgusted me a bit because the reason he cries for is not something that you expect from the great Hikigaya Hachiman. It is somewhat illogical and defies his entire character design, and this would not be called a development, because I do not know a development that goes downhill.

Of course, the romance had a significant increase, but much to my disgust, if this is going the way it is going right now, we might actually have to face a harem in the future. Unless you like a harem situation, you may tend to generate an animosity towards the anime. The harem - this is just a hint, might be created for all the characters. Indeed, the worst kind of harem is one in which all characters are involved, because all end up either heartbroken or otherwise the anime sees a happily-ever-after ending. Whatever the scenario, this is again not a development that we looked forward to, yet not something so disappointing that we would actually criticize the entire season for. The anime itself seems to have increased a tiny little bit in animation, showing some signs of Shaft-like ideas. Music has also seen a significant increase, especially at scenes where it should be and the ending theme is also good. The story itself seems to have gone a different way, but now, the anime seems to have matured in a manner that the dialogues might actually make it tough for you to understand in a single go. What is happening may actually be mind-boggling, although get ready to see Hikigaya in a much more responsible role. Albeit it is not a heroic role, but somewhat responsible and... changed.

Conclusion: The anime is still worth a watch. In fact we even recommend watching it, because the developments that will be coming after this might actually be something that we never expected, quite like this season itself. Although saying that we never expected a change like this is an exaggeration or a lie, because we all knew this was going to come some day - but we didn't expect it to happen in the second season itself, and certainly not by compensating the humor for it. Still, leave your views down in the comment box and tell us what you think about the season. Thanks for reading.

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