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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Life is too bitter, so coffee, at least, should be sweet.                          ~Hikigaya Hachiman

Genre(s) : Comedy / Slice of Life
Sub-genre(s) :  School
Age Rating : 10+ (Fast-paced dialogues)
Rating : 7/10 (Recommended)

Yahari ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru, often called Oregairu or SNAFU, is a supposed-to-be Romance anime, but in reality, the concept of Romance hasn't developed in the anime. Having aired in 2013, this anime recently got a second season, in which the concept of romance seems to have developed a little more, but we won't be talking about that right now. From the cover, the anime seems to be a typical Harem anime, but again - it is't.

The story revolves around a boy in his springtime of youth - Hikigaya Hachiman. Although calling it springtime is an exaggeration, considering the fact that Hachiman hardly ever does anything besides... nothing? He is precisely the anime character that the entire community of Anime Otaku's would just love - probably due to the immense similarities. It is almost factual that we do not want to do anything, but when time comes, we are always among the first to provide justifications for doing nothing. He is somewhat similar. He, unlike most other anime that have a protagonist that is always trying to do something extraordinary, who think of themselves as a loser, or something of the sort, is the anime character that loves himself dearly. Call it selfcest, self-loving, or even solipsism, but it doesn't matter because he is the anime character that teaches you how to love yourself for whosoever you are or might be in the future. The other two lead characters are equally good. Or maybe not equally, but somewhere near that. Yukinoshita Yukino is an intellectual allrounder who is capable of doing almost anything that she wants to, but that is the precise reason that she does not have any friends, and on the other hand, Yuigahama Yui is a socialite who has many friends, but none of them who really care about her.

Overall, this anime, despite not being a romance anime (yet), is definitely the kind that one would want to watch, probably due to the fact that the comedy in the anime really cheers you up, and the lead characters teach you a lot about how you should be in the society. Of course, sometimes you also learn how not to be, but as if it even matters. The character development is solid, the animation is exceptionally brilliant, plot is hilariously well put, and there is a lot of potential for the anime in the future.

Conclusion : It is Hikigaya Hachiman! That itself is a reason enough to watch the anime. The comedy in the anime is so good that you might actually need to shut the door so that your family doesn't think you are retarded (sigh). Everything is perfectly well put, and you might want to watch it, The only reason this anime is a little low on scores is because of a few reasons, like the lack of a solid plot, and it just not being enough on the whole. The season is small, and you might think that it just wasn't enough of the anime yet. Further, the music could have been better.

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