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Nagi no Asukara

Things can change, but they don't have to change. Whatever is fine.   ~Hikari

Genre(s) : Romance / Drama / Fantasy
Sub-genre(s) : Tragedy / Slice of Life
Age Rating : 13+ (Romance)
Rating : 9/10 (Highly Recommended)
No. of Episodes : 26

Nagi no Asukara is that anime which makes you smile slightly, gives you the chills, paints lovely paintings in your mind - then finally tears them all off and turns that smile into a river of sadness flowing down your cheeks. The anime has a numerous sad happenings, which can easily be compared to an anime like Clannad or Angel Beats. If anything else, I would personally compare it to Plastic Memories due to a certain number of reasons. It isn't everyday that I rate an anime above 8, trust me! Although in almost all of the reviews on the website, you may see only 8 and above rated anime, but that is only because I find them easier to review and can begin with them. In reality, I have no more than 30 anime that rate above 8, and no more than 10 that rate 10/10, so if this anime scores 9 on my list - there has to be something special.

The anime is about a young boy Hikari and his group of friends who live under the sea. The world is divided into two different kind of people - one who live in the sea, and those who live on the land. Apparently the both share a history, which you will come to know when you watch the anime. Although, these children have to come up to the surface to study in a human school because their school shutdown. Out of pride, the four of them never wear the uniform of the new school. Once on surface, they meet a new guy, Tsumugu. How they meet is another story (pst... I'm trying not to spoil!) and how Hikari behaves is another story too. The point is - this anime is famous for its hilariously, disastrously, mind-boggling shipping(s)! What I mean is, every time I tried to ship a certain pair, it always - wait, let me do that in italic for more attention - always, failed. The ships go haywire all the time, and in the end, you are left with no idea whom to ship anymore. The anime once almost took the harem route, but fortunately it did not, because harems cannot really have a happy ending (they can't. Trust me on this one).

The anime has a tragedy occurring somewhere in between that leaves you almost broken. The number of tragedies overall would be, at most, 3 or 4 - with each one killing a part of your soul. The animation is by P.A.Works, and is really lovely. I do not believe it could be any better than it already is. Music is by a number of different people, and is really beautiful, that goes along really well with the animation and the situation in the anime. I personally do not believe there could be a better way to write a love story than this. It has its drawbacks too, but mentioning each without spoiling anything is not possible, so we just took a point out of the rating. I bet you will enjoy this show.

Conclusion : Terrific plot, animated in a gorgeous manner really beautiful sound effects and music. There is nothing about this anime that will disappoint you, except for your ship (which will go wrong each time).

Ah, and subscribe to stay tuned. Thanks for reading guys!

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