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Romeo x Juliet

All the world's a play and all the men and women mere players.

Genre(s) : Fantasy / Romance / Drama
Sub-genre(s) : Action / Tragedy
Age Rating : 14+ (slight depiction of adultery - albeit negligible)
Rating : 9/10 (Highly Recommended)

Romeo x Juliet is like a love story written once by a legend, modernized with the change of trends, and presented in a manner resembling a royal meal on a platter.

This high budget animation series is an adaption of the original literature play of Shakespeare ‘Romeo & Juliet’ by GONZO studies. Now, nobody is a big fan of GONZO’s work since most of their work has proved to be somewhat near to an exhausting and confused plot; but this anime has truly stood a fight, and we definitely recommend watching it.

The tale takes us to a land of fantasy ‘New Verona’ where mythical beings exist and magic is powerful enough to defy the laws of physics. Though the story doesn’t have the same impact as the original play, it does have its own good points. It’s graphics are pictured so beautifully so much that it leaves you spellbound. You will surely love every moment shared between the lead characters.

Now, talking about the music, Lena Park has done a great job using her melodious voice in the song ‘You raise me up’. Not to mention, both the opening theme and the ending theme compliment the series pretty well.

Conclusion : Even though the adapted version is still not comparable with the original play, ‘Romeo x Juliet’ definitely ends as a treat for both your eyes and ears. The plot might mess you up in the middle, but its overly concentrated romantic scenes will sooth your senses and make you fall in love with it all over again. 

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