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Seraph of the End

I don't ever want to say I survived because I left someone to die ever again.                   ~Hyakuya Yuichiro

Genre(s) : Fantasy / Gore / Action
Sub-genre(s) : Vampire / Demons
Age Rating : 14+ (Clear depiction of Blood and killing)
Rating : 9/10 (Highly Recommended)

Seraph of the End totally took the world by a shock! Never before had anyone seen an anime in which not only vampires were involved, but even demons. It was no easy feat to display something different than the general "demons-controlling-humans" shtick. This time around, it is the humans who are taking control of the demons to fight an entity much too different. The differentiation of the humans from the vampires has been done in the typical manner, except for in this anime, vampires seem to be a lot different than your Dracula. Although similar to Count Dracula, this anime also shows the aristocratic nature of vampires, but instead of the usual black cloak that we would expect vampires to flaunt, this time around we have them in absolutely clear, stainless, clean as paper, seemingly made of graphene, white clothes. It did come to us as a surprise, but thanks to the pretty cool looks of Count Ferid, we welcomed it with open arms.

On the other hand, we have got the humans who have raised an army that is armed with somewhat holy or cursed weapons that can be used to defeat vampires. We cannot actually reveal too much of the story, so as to not ruin the experience of the people who haven't watched the anime. The basic fact is that this story is nothing like anything you have ever seen before. It is on a completely different level. With the animation of Studio WIT (the production house that animated Attack on Titan), and music by Sawano Hiroyuki, there was possibly no chance that this anime could have scored anything below an 8 on our charts. Everything was pitch perfect, except for some instances in the story that could have been considered contradicting, ironic, or somewhat out of place. We dare not mention either, since they would spoil the experience of many people who haven't watched the anime.

Conclusion : Animation is just perfect. So is the music. The story is rather intriguing, as well as abstract. It is something different from what we have seen till now, and it might take a while to adapt to the change, yet once you get along with it - the fun begins!

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