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Sword Art Online

I'd rather trust and regret, than doubt and regret...                            ~ Kirito

Genre(s) : Action / Adventure / Romance / Game
Sub-genre(s) : Fantasy
Age Rating : 13+
Rating : 6/10 (Watchable)

Sword Art Online is another popular anime and I feel that it has been slightly overrated than it is though. It has no flaws but yet it is missing the elements that could have made it perfect. The overall theme and atmosphere created by this series is great and MMORPG lovers will simply love this series.

The creators have done an excellent job with the animation and really deserve a Nazi salute. The voice actors have also lived up to their jobs and the OP and OST's were awesome and deserve a thumbs up. The story line was also good and the fights with the bosses were epic but somewhere along the way I felt that the characters were forgotten. Then there are the greatest enemy of the viewers, fillers. 2 and a half episodes were wasted on it.

The series consists of two arcs. The first arc was awesome and was worth the attention but I feel that the second arc was not much needed. The series tried to make the viewers emotional at many places but failed in doing so. The anime has some great dialogues and the romance is heart whelming.

Coming to the plot, the story is based in the near future where a virtual reality MMORPG called Sword Art Online is released where the characters of the games are controlled using their own minds using a device called "Nerve-Gears". After entering the game the gamers realize that they can't log out and find out if they die in the game they die in the real life too. Thus, begins their struggle for survival.

Verdict : For all the otaku's who are out there who want something to interest them and entertain them this one is for you. For gamer's this one should be watched once.      

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