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Tokyo Ghoul

All the liabilities in this world are due to the inadequacies of the people involved.                                                          ~Ken Kaneki

Genre(s) : Action / Mystery / Horror
Sub-genre(s) : Supernatural / Psychological / Seinen / Drama
Age Rating : 17+ (Violence and profanity)
Rating : 8/10 (Recommended)

Tokyo Ghoul is one of a kind. A psychological thriller that will send a chill down your spine. The anime looks promising in the first two episodes showing the transformation of Kaneki from human to ghoul and the later episodes also have plot twists and overall the enjoyment level is high for the viewers.

The animation is pretty decent and the fight scenes have been nicely animated. The tentacles of the Kagune are somewhat way too pulsating. But still there were no flaws whatsoever. The characters are pretty decent but the story is mainly focused on the MC and other characters are not that remarkable. The characters are a bit of a letdown but that does not effect the series whatsoever. Morita has done a splendid job in showing the internal conflict of Ken Kaneki with his human and ghoul self.

Natsuki Hanae has done an excellent job of playing the young, timid, scared and conflicted Ken. The other voice actors have also done a good job. The opening theme was awesome and set well with the series and Original Sound Tracks were also rather good and deserve a thumbs up. Considering it the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, it has been awesome and worth watching so far. The anime creates an atmosphere of mystery and suspense and the viewer gets involved in the life of Kaneki. The story is more action based than having a deeper meaning.

The plot revolves around the main protagonist Ken Kaneki. The story is set in Tokyo which is haunted by mysterious ghouls whose identities are masked in mystery. Kaneki here meets a girl called Rize who also is an avid reader like him and then the fate of Ken changes forever that night.

Verdict : This show a must watch for everyone out there who is longing to watch a dark, action oriented anime show. 

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