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World Trigger

I am not a hero. I can't make anyone happy with any result. I can only do what I deem right with me and not hating my choice at a later point.
~ Osamu Mikumo

Genre(s) : Sci-fi / Action / Supernatural
Sub-genre(s) : School / Space
Age Rating : 13+
Rating : 9/10 (Highly Recommended)
Number Of Episode: Ongoing Anime

 World Trigger is an ongoing anime basking in the joys of fame and popularity among many different kinds of anime lovers. The story is rather intriguing, new and genuine, seemingly calling out to all the viewers to watch it. The poster itself seems to be rather attractive, considering how abstract it is. It is just not enough to call this anime a simple mind-bender, but is certainly an overstatement to call it "terrific". We will keep our views on the anime limited, for as long as it is ongoing, we will try to give a balanced out view giving everyone a basic idea of what to expect when watching this anime.

Now as for the review the story revolves around a couple of different lead characters such as Osamu Mikumo and YĆ«ma Kuga. The story is based on a strange occurrence, which is when Earth faces invasion from Neighbors "an advanced alien life form." The only way to stop them is by using Triggers which are maintained by the Earth Defence Force popularly known as "Border."

The only negative viewpoint that I could generate up till now from watching this anime is that the anime still needs a lot of work. The good things about it would be that the action scenes are crystal clear which fills the void created by the art of the anime. But it's story line keeps the anime quite in line and makes it quite desirable to watch. Each episode rises the standard of the plot to a higher level. The powers given by the trigger are certainly interesting, giving birth to battle scenes which are quite an eye-catcher. The somewhat diverse characters in the anime just improves the standard of it and brings it a notch up again. Daisuke Ashihara the writer who has written the manga that this story is based upon, has written a miraculous plot creating a world of its own kind. The story, the different weapons, the battle scenes, and many other things about this anime will for sure give you a great experience whilst watching the anime. The music is alright, but not great. We give it what we give it, and you might have a different opinion for the same. Give us your own opinion in the comments! We love hearing from you.

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