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Baby Steps

Baby Steps to giant strides

 ~ Alex O'Brien

Genre(s) : School/ Sports
Sub-genre(s) : Shounen / Romance
Age Rating : 13+
Rating : 7/10 (Recommended)
Number of episodes : 25

Baby Steps is another anime which has a second season as well. This review is concentrated for the first season.

This anime as the picture depicts is based on Tennis which has its story revolving around an honor student Eiichiro Maruo who picks up Tennis just for exercise. Watch his rise in Tennis world from starters to a professional player. This, somewhat romantic anime has a lot of other character who are developed in a very well manner.

The anime has focussed a lot on the art-work, and the details done are clearly visible, which gives the anime that something which is required for someone to look forward to it. If you are unaware of the sport, you need not worry as the anime shows the anime in a very detailed way which will make you get the anime in the best possible way. The anime has shown glimpses of romance and have made the anime a bit more interesting. The hard work and passion of the players shown is what makes the anime a lot fun to watch. Hikaru Katsuki the author has made the anime quite interesting as the game truly is in it's form.

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