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Diamond No Ace

Be daring in the midst of caution, you can't win if you're afraid of taking risks.

 ~ Tetsuya Yūki
Genre(s) : School/ Sports
Sub-genre(s) : Shounen/ Comedy
Age Rating : 13+
Rating : 7/10 (Recommended)
Number of episodes : 75

Diamond No Ace also known as Daiya no Ace is an anime which has it's season 2 on roll. This review will only be about the first season, however.

Diamond No Ace is a Sports anime about the game baseball which has it's story revolving around Sawamura Eijun who want to become "Ace" (that is the top player of the Seido team). His biggest competitor in the team is Satoru Furuya. The growth of character is shown perfectly in the anime, which makes the story quite interesting. Eijun's motivation and obstacles to become the Ace of the Team is really unique. The anime simply has a strong story depicting the hard work done by the team in becoming the country's best team. If that's not it, quite a lot of cheerful stuffs has also gone into making the anime suitable for comedy genre.

The animation is good and crucial moments in match are just quite intriguing and cool to watch. Yuji Terajima has done a very detail illustration and has done a great job with the anime. Even if you have no clue how to play baseball, you need not worry as the anime teaches all the rules and terminologies of the game. The anime motivates that hard work is a must to progress in the world.





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